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Liska Law

Estate Planning Solutions for Modern Times

Liska Law, LLC is a mobile estate planning firm, run by principal attorney, Heidi R. Mandler-Huff, JD.

We have a special focus on the planning needs of parents with minor children and young adults, as these areas are often overlooked in traditional estate planning.

Liska Law, LLC, provides affordable legal services to the Portland Metro area, and throughout the State of Oregon. 

What are our clients saying about Liska Law, LLC?

"Heidi did a will for my wife and I, she was very professional and did a great job. She explained things very well and helped us both understand what we needed and didn't need in our estate plan."
- William

"Good personality, easy to understand and very helpful in general. She was able to answer my questions in a way I could understand and didn't make me feel stupid for asking questions. Concise, professional and timely. I would recommend to anyone in need of estate planning."
- Samantha                          

"Liska Law has been wonderful to work with; efficient, knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding, excellent at communicating and extremely helpful. I highly recommend Liska Law!"
- MaryAnn                          

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