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Our Estate Planning Process

At Liska Law, we understand that for many people, creating an estate plan for the first time can be overwhelming and complicated. We believe in an individualized approach to estate planning, and will never give you a "cookie-cutter" plan. Because of this, the planning process can look slightly different from one client to the next, depending on complexity, the type of documents being drafted, and other factors. However, here is what you can typically expect during the estate planning process.

Step 1: You schedule a consultation with Liska Law.
Step 2: We send you a worksheet to fill out. Having this returned to us at least one day before your consultation allows us to make the best use of the consultation time. 
Step 3: You meet with our attorney for a 1 hour consultation.
Step 4: If you decide you would like us to draft your estate planning documents, we will have you sign an representation agreement, hiring us to represent you. Our attorney will prepare your documents within two weeks of the representation agreement being signed.
Step 5: You will meet with our attorney to review all of your documents in full. If you have any changes that you would like made, we will make them at this time for you.
Step 6: We will meet you at a location convenient to you, to sign the documents. This meeting is typically short, lasting around 30 minutes, as you will have already approved the documents during our review meeting. 
Step 7: We will scan your signed documents, and keep a digital copy for your file. The originals will then be returned to you.


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