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DocuBank Services

Control Your Health Care

A complete estate plan includes advance directives. These are

documents that put you in control of your health care, even if you

are unable to speak for yourself. They let you choose who should

make medical decisions for you and the types of treatments you

do and don’t want.

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Protect You and Your Family

Your advance directives are a gift to your family. Your loved ones may have to make difficult decision on your behalf. These decisions can be stressful and lead to arguments. Your advance directives provide clarity and peace of mind for your loved ones during these tense moments.

That’s why your doctors and loved ones need easy access to your advance directives during an emergency. Our Firm will take care of this for you by providing a complimentary DocuBank membership with your full estate plan, or as an add-on service. This unique service makes your advance directives instantly available 24/7, anywhere in the world.

Carry Your Documents Right in Your Wallet

Your DocuBank membership includes an emergency wallet card. This card is the key to accessing to your advance directives and other vital medical information.

DocuBank can fax your documents directly to the hospital, or staff can print a copy from

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Informed Doctors Provide Better Care

Your DocuBank card provides access to more than your advance directives with the DocuBank SAFE feature. You can make important emergency information available, so you receive the best care possible:


  • List of your medications

  • Emergency contact names and phone numbers

  • Allergies& medical conditions

  • History of your surgeries & hospitalizations

  • List of physicians and specialists

A Card For Everyone

DocuBank has options for individuals with disabilities who may have unique needs, as well as options for children - both minor children at home, and those who have gone off to college. We can also help plan for senior safety, or LQBTQ+ medical access for partners, with the help of the DocuBank program.

A Proven Track Record

DocuBank has helped more than 350,000 people take control of their health care since 1994.They have excellent customer service, including a toll-free number in case you need help with your membership.

Log in to Your Account

If you’re an existing client with a DocuBank membership, you can log in to your account online to update your emergency contacts, view your advance directives, or set up a medication list.

If you have any questions about advance directives or your DocuBank membership, please call us at (564) 208-7952 or email us at

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