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Professional Wills
Business Succession Planning

Psychologists, mental health professionals, health care professionals, attorneys, veterinarians, and other professionals, have a standard of care for their clients which can present a unique set of challenges if they unexpectedly become unable to return to their practice.

Having a Professional Will, or a Professional Business Succession Plan, is vital in making sure that your clients and business are taken care of in the event of your death of incapacity.

Liska Law, LLC offers Professional Business Succession Planning packages for a flat rate of $350.00.

Our Professional Business Succession Planning packages include the following documents:

  • A Professional Will;

  • A Digital Release of Information for Professional Purposes; and

  • A list of your professional online accounts, and their access information.

For an additional flat fee of $250.00, Liska Law, LLC will provide unlimited updates to your Professional Will over the lifetime of your Oregon business.

Contact us for more information:

(564) 208-7952

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