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Rates are dependent on legal service and the complexity of your individual situation. During your consultation, our attorney will advise you on the best option for your individual situation. The fees reflected below are meant to illustrate costs for some of our most common documents. We make it a priority to keep services affordable. 

All of our Estate Planning services come with a free review every three years. We want to make sure your documents change with you, and that they stay up-to-date with the latest laws and guidance.

Full Initial Consultation: $150 flat fee.


Simple Will PackageFlat rate $1,200 individual/$1,800 couple.

Includes will, power of attorney, advance directive, HIPAA authorization, DocuBank (optional), and disposition of remains document. 

Will Package With Testamentary Trust: Flat rate $1,350 individual/$1,850 couple.

Includes will with testamentary trust, power of attorney, advance directive, HIPAA authorization, DocuBank (optional), and disposition of remains document.

Trust Package: Flat rate.

For clients with under $850,000 in assets: $3,200 individual/$4,200 couple

For clients with assets between $850,000 and $2 million: $4,500 individual/$5,200 couple

For clients with assets over $ 2 million: $5,500 individual/$6,400 couple

For clients with Federally taxable assets: $6,500 individual/$7,500 couple

Includes trust, pour-over will, certificate of trust, power of attorney, advance directive, HIPAA authorization, DocuBank (optional), disposition of remains document, and preparation of one deed (deed recording fees are additional, and at cost).

Safe Child Plan: Flat rate, $400 if stand-alone, $200 if creating a Trust or Will Plan at the same time.  

Includes nomination of guardians and temporary guardians, durable power of attorney for minors, letters to temporary guardians, letters to guardians, caregiver exclusion letter (optional), documentation of wishes, Emergency ID tags for children, and enrollment in the DocuBank Minor Matters Program (optional).

Safe Student PlanFlat rate $350 per student.

Perfect for young adult who are heading off to college. Includes durable power of attorney, advance directive, HIPAA authorization, FERPA release coordination, and enrollment in one year of DocuBank ICE (optional).

Professional Will Package: Flat rate $350. Additional $250 for unlimited updates to your professional will.

Includes professional will, digital release of information for professional purposes, and a list of professional online accounts and access information.

Single Documents

Simple WillFlat rate $850 individual/$1,200 couple.

Will With Testamentary TrustFlat rate $1,000 individual/$1,500 couple.

TrustFlat rate. Dependent on taxable status and complexity.

Firearm TrustFlat rate. Starting at $1,000, depending on complexity.


DeedFlat rate $250 plus recording fee at cost.

Power of AttorneyFlat rate $300.

Health Care DocumentsFlat rate $350.

Includes Oregon Advance Directive for Health Care, HIPAA authorization, and Additional Instructions (Health Care Power of Attorney). 

Disposition of Remains FormFlat rate $115 individual/$150 couple.

Name Change: Flat Rate $150, not including court filing fees.

Docubank Enrollment: $50 for one year enrollment.

All other legal services are billed hourly at $325/hour for senior attorney, $300/hour for associate /of counsel attorneys, $175/hour for paralegals, and $100/hour for other support staff.

Sliding scale rates and payment plans are available dependent on financial need.

Online Simplified Estate Plan Review Services

We review DIY online estate planning documents for correctness and completeness prior to signing. Our representation is limited to guiding you on correct completion of the documents, and proper execution procedures. We do not guarantee that the documents will perform correctly, as there is always a level of risk associated with DIY estate planning. Online legal services are to be used at your own risk. The benefits of lower prices make this an attractive option for many individuals. We review these documents on an hourly basis.

Accessibility & Accommodations

Mobile Legal Services:

Liska Law is a mobile firm. This means that we go to our clients. Whether you need a home visit, or just want to meet over your lunch break at a location that is convenient to you, we are happy to accommodate. Because we do not have a physical business office, we are able to keep our fees low, and that means that our customers get high-quality legal services at a lower rate.

Non-Traditional Hours:

Here at Liska Law, we understand the difficulty of scheduling appointments while working full-time. Because of this, we offer consultations outside of normal business hours if pre-arranged, in order to meet the needs of our clients. Please give us a call for more details.

Legal Insurance:

We take many forms of legal insurance! Ask us if you are covered.

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