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About Liska Law

Photograph of lawyer, Heidi Mandler-Huff

Heidi Mandler-Huff, JD, founded Liska Law in 2022, after recognizing the lack of legal firms providing affordable estate planning services to the Portland community. Everyone needs some form of estate planning, but the high costs associated with many specialized estate planning firms is a barrier to accessing those services.

Liska Law (Leesh-kuh Law) is named after the Slovak word for fox, a nod to Heidi 's maternal grandparents, who have been a guiding light in her personal and professional life.

Together with high quality legal services, and years of practical estate planning experience, Heidi brings her unique background working with survivors of trauma to her practice.

It is our goal to provide a comfortable, empathetic, and welcoming experience for all of our clients. Whether you have just lost a loved one and want to make plans for the future, have just finalized a nightmare divorce, or are looking to make sure you have health care directives in place, Liska Law is ready to assist you with compassion, understanding, and skill.

 We believe that part of an estate planning attorney's job is to take the time to explain what every document does, and the reason behind it. We will work tirelessly to understand what your needs are, so that you can make informed decisions about your future.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Liska Law. 

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