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What Is Estate Planning Law?


(1)    Arranging one's estate for disposition & management at death.

(2)    Protecting & safeguarding minor children through legal planning.

(3)    Planning care & financial security for individuals with disabilities.

(4)    Managing & protecting generational wealth.

(5)    Creating generational wealth for those who have none.

(6)    Teaching financial strategy to let individuals protect their loved ones.

(7)    Protecting choice over one’s own health care decisions.

(8)    Protecting survivors of violence by safeguarding assets for freedom.

(9)    Structuring assets before/after marriage to protect children & adults.

(10)  Caring for & protecting pets.

(11)   Managing & disposing of assets after death through probate.

(12)   Avoiding probate with legal strategy.

(13)   Avoiding or reducing taxes with strategic legal planning.

(14)   Planning care & resources for individuals with deteriorating health.

(15)   Protecting & arranging resources for small business owners.

(16)   Planning for the disposition of bodily remains with legal documents.

(17)   Upholding ethical standards for business-owning professionals.

(18)   Protecting children who have lost their parent(s).

(19)   Safety planning for college students away from home.

(20)  Preparing & planning for vacations or trips.

(21)  Caring for, protecting, & creating safety for loved ones.

Estate Planning is the legal care & protection of those we love.

Creating safety out of vulnerability.

It’s about more than just planning for death and helping families stay wealthy*

(*we can also help with that too!)

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