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Limited Representation:
Vehicle Title Reclamation

What Is Vehicle Title Reclamation?

Vehicle title reclamation is the process of obtaining title for a vehicle, which, for whatever reason, no longer has a title. This can be for many reasons including: 

  • You purchased a vehicle online, through a private seller, such as Craigslist, and the vehicle did not have a title;

  • The vehicle's owner is now deceased, and you need the title in your name;

  • The vehicle was abandoned on your property, and you need assistance acquiring title in order to keep or sell it;

  • You purchased a home, and there is an untitled vehicle that came with the property; or

  • You found an untitled vehicle while cleaning out a storage area.


Liska Law is able to assist in obtaining title in most situations.

Call us today, or schedule a consultation to learn more.

What Does Limited Representation Mean?

Limited representation, or unbundles legal services, is when an attorney charges a fee for guiding a client in their legal issue, without the high hourly fees that come with full service legal representation. The exact nature of a limited representation agreement is typically decided between an attorney and client, and can rconsist of as much, or as little assistance as the client desires. For example, our typical vehicle title reclamation client, will pay us for guidance on who they need to speak with, and what forms may be needed. If a death certificate if needed, we can obtain that on behalf of our client, or provide information so that our client can obtain a death certificate on their own. The difference is the billing structure. With limited representation, you can consider us your guide through the process of reclaiming vehicle title, without paying for the high cost of an attorney making the necessary calls on your behalf.


Call or message us today to learn more about what a limited representation may look like.

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